Maintaining Your Mid Rivers Ram ProMaster City.

The perfect urban solution, your new Mid Rivers Ram ProMaster City is just the vehicle for around town deliveries, go-sees and discoveries. Slotting in as a mid-sized cargo van, it offers best-in-class cargo volume at 131.7-cubic feet, and a stout 178-horsepower 2.4-liter Multi-Air four-cylinder engine perfect for hauling up to 1900-pounds of payload. Add a "tight" turning circle, and it's clear to see why the City Truck from Ram is so compelling. "Right-sized" from the very start, it's a vehicle to move your business, family and life to the next level. But it does require proper maintenance to keep it running at the top of its game. Here are a few tips on the proper maintenance of your new Ram ProMaster City.

One Engine, Many Trucks: Order it any way you like but your Ram ProMaster City will be powered by a singular engine: FCA's famous 2.4-liter Tigershark MultiAir inline four-cylinder engine making 178-horsepower. It is coupled to the brand's nine-speed automatic transmission which sends driving duties to the front wheels. Details on the Tigershark MultiAir engine and the proper way to maintain it are included inside the ProMaster City's Owner's Manual. For further details please contact your Mid Rivers Ram Service Advisor.

Filtration: Air and fuel are what's required to make your new Mid Rivers Ram ProMaster City engine really sing. As a result, it needs to breathe freely. A fresh, clean Mopar-Approved air filter helps to achieve that goal. With the engine technically being a living, breathing thing, it's important to catch the dust, dirt and debris that wants to get inside before it actually has a chance to do so. Effective for approximately 30,000 miles or so, your Mid Rivers Ram parts and service department will always have them in stock. Call or visit for a replacement today.

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Oil and Filters: Oil and Oil Filters are essentially the blood and kidneys, and an extremely critical component of your Ram ProMaster City cargo van. While the oil moves around the system, lubricating the engine's internal parts, the oil filter is set up, as its name implies, to clean the oil that flows through it. Work with us here! With your Ram ProMaster City likely being used under stressful situations during stop and go city driving, high-speed highway jaunts and sitting idle while making deliveries, it needs an oil that won't break down under duress. That's why your Mid Rivers Service Advisor recommends a Mopar-Approved high-quality Conventional or Synthetic Motor Oil. Your ProMaster City cargo van is equipped with an Automatic Oil Change Indicator System alerting you when it's time for an oil change. That could be as soon as 3,500-miles under heavy loads or as long as 7,500 in other situations. Sometimes we forget, in which case, Ram is a forgiving bunch. For that reason, the ProMaster City's Owner's Manual states that the oil change interval shouldn't go longer than 10,000 miles or one year. The service advisors at Mid Rivers Ram Commercial will also be happy to advise you.

Other Wet Stuff: Motor Oil isn't the only fluid running around inside your Ram ProMaster City cargo van. There are others, including Transmission Fluid, Power Steering Fluid, Brake Fluid, Wiper Fluid, Coolant, and more. All do their part to make sure your City cargo van is operating at peak efficiency for many years of reliable service. Occasionally, they will get used up or need topping off. Stop by Mid Rivers for a visit. They will be happy to see you!

Seal it off:  The engine in your Mid Rivers Ram ProMaster City cargo van is mated to a permanently-sealed nine-speed automatic transmission unit that should be good for approximately 100,000 miles. Please check the Automatic Transmission fluid level once a month to insure it is where it should be. If your ProMaster City is routinely subjected to more strenuous activities, like high-speed or mountainous driving, check with your Mid Rivers Service Advisor or your Ram ProMaster City owner's manual for more information.

Rotors, Brake Pads, Linings and More: Rotors, Brakes Pads, Linings and other parts are all critical components there to safely stop your Ram ProMaster City cargo van. Have them checked every time you have your oil changed, so they will be there when you need them. (What a concept!) As always, your mileage may vary. At the same time, ask your Mid Rivers technician to inspect the parking brake functions as well. Contact your Mid Rivers Ram Service Advisor, who will be happy to inspect the rotors, pads, linings, and other brake components during your next oil change.
Windshield Wipers: There's nothing as good as a sparkling clean windshield and conversely nothing as annoying as a worn out wiper blade. With high heat, extreme cold, humidity, UV exposure and other maladies stepping in to help cut your wiper's life short, we offer many types of Mopar-approved replacement wipers to have you looking clearly up the road ahead. We recommend making it a plan to replace them every six months. A Napleton Pro Tip: When the wipers streak, spots or squeak, that's a good indication it's time for replacement.

Spark Plugs and Batteries:
Like a little bit of cayenne pepper, spark plugs add life to the MultiAir TigerShark engine that powers your Ram ProMaster City Cargo Van. Rated for a 100,000 mile lifespan, and as virtually care-free as can be, they still may go bad. The same with Batteries. Heat and humidity take a toll on them and after about three years, they have a tendency to want to quit work, head to Florida and retire. Well maybe they don't go to Florida, but you get our drift. And don't worry: Your Napleton Mid Rivers Ram Service Department offers Mopar-Approved replacement spark plugs and batteries for the entire Ram Commercial lineup. Your Ram Truck Owner's Manual and Napleton Mid Rivers CDJR Service Advisor can offer more extensive details.

All-Wheel-Alignment: If your Napleton Ram ProMaster City cargo van seems happier drifting left or right, rather than going straight down the road, chances are excellent that you, er, your truck is in need of an alignment. The same thing if your Ram ProMaster City dives left or right while braking. Such behavior, in addition to being annoying, can lead to premature tire wear. I mean, have you seen the price of tires, lately? Properly aligned, your Mid Rivers Ram ProMaster City should get equal tire wear at all four corners. A Napleton Pro Tip: Always rotate and balance your tires before settling down for an alignment. That way, tire wear should equalize at all four corners of your ProMaster. Finally, consult your owner's manual and your Napleton Northlake Service Advisor for more information.

Once a month list: Under the heading of once a month should do it, your Napleton Ram ProMaster City's Owner's Manual suggests checking the engine oil level, windshield washer fluid, transmission fluid, the tire pressure and to check for excessive tire wear. A quick inspection of coolant, and brake master cylinder fluid levels, as well as all interior and exterior lights will insure you are ready for a big road trip, or just a normal day at work. Check your Owner's Manual for details. Still have questions? The service professionals at Napleton Mid Rivers Ram ProMaster will be happy to help you further.