Maintaining Your Mid Rivers Jeep Wrangler

Your new Mid Rivers Jeep Wrangler is the direct descendant of the vehicle that helped win wars, rescue survivors, climb mountains and ford streams. It's also good for a day at the beach and a run to the grocery store.  Available in a variety of flavors, your Mid-Rivers Jeep Wrangler is powered by the iconic 3.6-liter Pentastar V6 which is known as one of the most reliable engines in the industry. But in order for it to remain reliable, it needs to be properly maintained. Your Mid-Rivers Jeep dealer has the following information to help you achieve those goals and pursue those adventures!

All-Wheel-Alignment: As agile as your Jeep Wrangler is, all that bumping around could cause it to fall out of alignment. Un-checked, and it could result in excessive tire wear, not to mention a desire to drift left or right without even trying. It could have been as simple as hitting a rock or small bolder, or as challenging as hard bounce but chances are since off-roading is not an exact science there is the chance for an unanticipated bounce, shunt or knock. But don't sweat the details because  Mid Rivers' CDJR is ready to get you realigned in no time. Your Jeep, service advisor suggests having your Wrangler realigned every 12-15,000 miles, or sooner if you tend to enjoy your Jeep extra hard!

Tire Rotation: Somewhat related to alignment on your Jeep Wrangler, rotation helps to equalize wear of the tires at all four corners of your Mid Rivers Wrangler. The result is all four get similar wear. The front tires get the bulk of it by the stress added from the weight of the engine. Add in underinflation, and those tires can wear down twice as fast. Regular rotation will allow equal wear and long life from your set of tires. For best results consult with your Mid Rivers CDJR service advisor who will rotate and align the tires of your Jeep Wrangler at the same time.

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Change that Oil! Your Mid Rivers Jeep Wrangler can take you way, way off road farther than you would care to walk back. For that reason, we suggest you fill it with a Mopar-approved high-performance synthetic motor oil that can handle the heat better than a conventional one can. At the same time, may we recommend a filter change at the same time? It will help to trap dust, impurities and debris before they have a chance to enter your Wrangler's Pentastar engine. Your Jeep Wrangler Owner's Manual recommends observing the Oil Change Indicator System for alerts when to do so, but recommends intervals not exceed 12 months or 10,000 miles, whichever comes first.

Transmission Fluid: Your Mid Rivers CDJR Jeep Wrangler is equipped with a factory-sealed manual or automatic transmission that, is one of the industry's most reliable. With normal usage it should be good for years of service. There are exceptions to every rule, of course, and as such, your Mid Rivers service advisor might recommend a transmission fluid change after a weekend of "mudding, off-roading or any other activity where the transmission fluid had a chance to become contaminated.  Your Mid Rivers Wrangler owner's manual has more information. For further details, please contact your Mid Rivers Service Advisor for more information.

Fluids Check: A big road trip is no time to be caught with inadequate wiper fluid, not enough coolant, low transmission fluid or old oil.  Don't leave anything to chance. That's why we recommend you bring your Jeep Wrangler to Mid Rivers for a free inspection and to get any fluids topped off before hitting the road. Your service advisor and the entire Mid Rives CDJR service department will be happy to see you … even between oil changes. Call up for more information today!

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Rotors, Brake Pads and More, oh my!: Designed to provide safe stopping power, the brake pads and rotors on your new Jeep Wrangler could be just the thing between you and a drop off the cliff ahead! Regardless where they take you, they should be checked by your Mid Rivers CDJR service technician every oil change to guarantee they are still in useful condition to take you on the road and bring you back again. We have even seen some Wrangler owners upgrade their brake systems for added stopping power as the size of their tires increase. Your Mid Rivers Jeep Service Advisor can offer expert service advice for the best combination for your new Jeep.

Air Filters: We understand Jeep owners are an adventurous sort, living life on the edge, and pursuing the Jeep Lifestyle to the fullest. That usually includes mudding, camping, off-roading, and such. Their destinations would likely include dusty trails, hills large and small and even an occasional trip to the local Country Club. That's why we suggest following the guidance in your Jeep's Owner's Manual, which says to change the air filter every 30,000 miles. That is unless you play and live in a particularly dusty region, requiring more frequent changes. Stay on top of this and your Jeep Wrangler will thank you for it.
Wipe on Wipe off: Windshield wipers and a dirty windshield are two mutually exclusive concepts when it comes to your Mid Rivers Jeep Wrangler. They just don't seem to fit. But the reality is that if you own a Wrangler, chances are it will get dirty. That's why it's always a good idea to have fresh windshield wipers for your Jeep Wrangler. Typically we recommend replacing them every six months or so because of the effect heat, cold air and other extreme temperatures have over them. Mid Rivers Jeep's Parts and Service department stocks a complete lineup of Mopar-approved Wiper Blades for just that reason. A Napleton Pro tip: When the wipers leave water spots and streaks on the windshield, or conversely become squeaky and make lots of noise, it's time for replacement.

Finally: Your Jeep Owner's Manual offers a myriad of detailed information on the safe and complete operation of your Jeep Wrangler. Our service advisors are ready to keep you and your Jeep Wrangler feeling new and operating properly. Please call us for a consultation today.