Maintaining Your Mid Rivers Chrysler Pacifica.

You are now behind the wheel of your new Mid Rivers Chrysler Pacifica, the latest iteration of a legendary vehicle that was first pioneered by Chrysler in 1983. It may be your first, or your latest in a long succession of Minivans but the new Pacifica has managed to push the envelope from what it once was.  Full of innovation, you can make it last for years by following Chrysler's recommended maintenance schedule. A full listing of service intervals are available in your Chrysler Pacifica Owner's Manual but your  Mid Rivers Chrysler Pacifica's service experts will always be just a phone call away.

Switch blades: A clean windshield gives a view into the soul of your Chrysler Pacifica. Or so some Eastern philosopher would have you believe. The reality is that if you can't see through your windshield, you are putting yourself, your family and your Pacifica at risk. Over time, wiper blades can become brittle, hard or both, resulting in blades that don't clean or wipe at all.  They should be replaced immediately. A Napleton Pro tip: If they are causing water spots and streaks on the windshield, that's a sign that it's time for replacement Mid Rivers Chrysler's Parts and Service department stocks a full lineup of Wiper Blades made specifically for your new Chrysler Pacifica Minivan.

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Lube Job: Powered by a precision-built 3.6-liter Pentastar engine, your Mid Rivers Chrysler Pacifica will provide years of reliable service. For best performance, our Mid Rivers Service Advisors recommend Mopar-approved fresh synthetic or conventional motor oil, and a new oil filter to remove dirt and debris. You will know it's time to change when the Oil Change Indicator Light appears on the dashboard of your new Chrysler Pacifica. Please consult your Mid Rivers Chrysler Pacifica Owner's Manual and your Chrysler Service Advisor for details.

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Wheel Alignment: Does your Mid Rivers Chrysler Pacifica want to move left or right while you are hopefully driving straight? That's a likely indication that it's in need of all-wheel alignment. Once aligned, and with properly inflated tires, they will wear evenly and steer straight for virtually their entire lives. Although the Chrysler Pacifica is able to handle almost any road hazard, remember

that potholes, speed bumps and "sleeping policemen" are not its friends. Even a casual encounter can throw it out of alignment, so take care while driving to avoid any obstacles that may arise. But if you should, Your Mid Rivers CDJR service advisor can suggest a proper interval for front and all-wheel-alignment. A Napleton Pro tip: Always balance and rotate your tires before performing an all-wheel-alignment in an effort to maintain even tire wear at all four corners.

Other Essential Fluids: Sure, your brakes are squealing because there is no brake fluid, your transmission fluid reservoir may have dust in it and the "add coolant" light is shining bright like the Sun on the dashboard. But nothing is more annoying than not having any window washer fluid on board. Trust us, we know. Especially while cruising cross-country on an extended road trip. Stop by your Mid Rivers Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram service department, to have our friendly Mid River Service Advisors top off your fluids, even between oil changes. Call or Contact us for more information today.

Pads and Rotors: Providing optimal stopping power and control of your new  Mid Rivers Chrysler Pacifica, Mopar-Approved brake pads and rotors are critical to your Chrysler Pacifica and its occupants. As they taught you in Driver-Ed, easy application of the brakes will extend the life of your brake pads. But they still eventually wear out. Your Mid Rivers Chrysler service advisor will be happy to inspect the brake pads and rotors whenever you are in for an oil change or other service. Replacing them with Genuine Mopar Replacement parts will insure your Pacifica is running like new, regardless of how old it is.

Tire Rotation: To achieve the longest possible life from the tires on your Mid Rivers Chrysler Pacifica, they should be rotated at regular intervals. A good rule of thumb is to have it serviced at the same time you have the vehicle in for an oil change or at the first sign of unusual wear patterns. The tires on your new Mid Rivers Chrysler Pacifica can take you everywhere, with surprisingly just a routine amount of care. Rotating them is one thing that can help insure the front tires don't wear out before the rear or vice versa. Ideally, they should all wear out at the same time. That's why it's a good idea to rotate them every 7,500-miles, and always before an all-wheel-alignment.

Transmission Fluids: Most Chrysler products include a sealed transmission unit that requires no maintenance other than a transmission fluid change at 100,000 miles. The only exception would be if you subject your Mid Rivers Chrysler Pacifica to extreme high-mileage, high-stress drives, in which case we would change it every 50,000 miles. Chrysler recommends a hands-off approach to transmission servicing, but if you use your Pacifica for heavy hauling or high mileage, please check with your Chrysler Pacifica's owner's manual and your Mid Rivers Chrysler service advisor, who knows your Chrysler product inside and out, for more information.

Spark Plugs: Typically maintenance-free, the spark plugs on your Chrysler Pacifica should be, like the transmission fluid, replaced every 100,000 miles or so. Simply, they put a charge into your Pentastar engine! Your Chrysler Ram Dodge and Jeep service department stocks all styles and sizes of Mopar-approved spark plug needed for your Chrysler Vehicles! Your Pacifica's owner's manual can offer more extensive details.

Air Filters: Your Chrysler Pacifica's Pentastar V6 engine yearns to breathe freely. That's why it's equipped with a Mopar Air Filter. The Pacifica's Air Filter traps dirt and debris particles while continuing to allow the engine to operate efficiently. Eventually it fills up, like you might while going through one of those all-you-can eat food emporiums, which in-turn causes a loss in efficiency that reduces mileage. Stop by the Mid Rivers Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram service center for an inspection today. Your Chrysler Pacifica's Owner's Manual recommends a change every 30,000 miles unless you live in a dusty climate in the United States, which should cause you to change it more frequently.

Your Mid Rivers Chrysler Pacifica Owner's Manual offers more information on the operation and service schedule of your new Mid Rivers vehicle. Additionally, the service department and advisors at Mid Rivers Chrysler are eager to offer you professional service that will keep your new Chrysler running and feeling like new. Call for more information today.